Recent Work



Miro' latest releases:

Epic, contemporary Corporate Pop

Contemporary EDM with various positive electro textural overviews.

Vibrant, upbeat house and dance pop beats with fresh synths and vocal chops

Youthful, euphoric future bass to inspire, dream and motivate

Songwriting Camps

Las Negras Songwritingcamp

Las Negras, Spain

Miro Markus at the writing camp:

"I have been several times at the Las Negras camp in 2018 and 2019 and it was really great to work with international Top Songwriters, such as Alan Roy Scott (Los Angeles, known from Jennifer Lopez "Waiting for tonight") or Theea Miculescu from Rumania who co-wrote "Mr. Saxobeat". The Song we wrote in this Camp at Day 1, was amazing and we got it cut a week later by the hungarian artist Réka."

Blackrock Songwritingcamp

Santorini, Greece

Miro Markus about this camp:

"The quality of this camp was just awesome and the Blackrock Studio itself is one of the best I have ever been. When you arrive at Santorini, you feel like in Holiday. The studios are fully functional and the environment is super-clean! Working in such mood gives you just the best ideas for your music."

DWB Cloud9 Maktub Kpop Camp

DWB Music Publishing, UK

Miro Markus about this camp:

"This camp was really focussed, well-managed and the location and nature was just perfect! It is a pleasure to work with Greig Watts as Manager and all the creative writers from DWB and Cloud9."